meet the team

The Motley Crew: (Left to Right) Phil, Jill, Tamasin, Alex and Alex

Branch Leaders

Tamasin - Junior Group Leader

A childhood trip to the Mesopotamian Galleries of the British Museum fuelled Tamasin's interest in Archaeology when she came across the sinister but mysterious crushed skulls from the graves at Ur. She was a founder member of the branch when it started up in Bagshot and, years later, went on to read for a degree in Archaeology and Anthropology at Magdalen College, Oxford. She is now a specialist in Roman antiquities and is currently working on her doctorate. In her spare time she enjoys traveling, skiing and dancing........and, of course, digging holes.

Phil - Senior Group Leader

A retired teacher with many years experience, Phil is a History graduate of the University of Cambridge. He has always been fascinated by Archaeology and Ancient History and, as Head of Humanities at Collingwood College, he was responsible for the introduction of Archaeology to the sixth from curriculum. Now that he has retired, Phil finally has the time to devote to researching and writing local history books which he very much enjoys. He is a Trustee of the Surrey Heath Archaeological and Heritage Trust, runs the Surrey Heath Local History Club and, in addition, is an enthusiastic gardener.

Assistant Leaders


Jill is a Bio-Chemist by training and currently works for South East Water in her �real life�. However, she has always had a passion for History, Philosophy and Archaeology and enjoys being able to pursue these interests as a Trustee of the Surrey Heath Archaeological and Heritage Trust. She also likes to read (her speed reading skills remain, to our knowledge, unrivalled), travel the world and play with microscopes.

Alex G

Several years ago, Alex had the rather dubious pleasure of meeting Tamasin as he was idly wandering through the streets of Oxford, where he is reading for a doctorate in Mathematical Physics. As he got to know her better he quickly found himself being dragged around endless piles of ruins and dusty museums, sometimes literally kicking and screaming. However, somewhere along the way he became rather envious of her research topics and is now totally convinced that he should have been a Classicist. For now, Alex satisfies his enthusiasm by trying out large scale experimental archaeology projects and helping with YAC CSEB.

Alex C

Having joined YACCSEB in at the age of 8, Alex simply never left, even when he went off to university. A graduate of Archaeology from the University of Winchester, his field of interest within the discipline focuses on the archaeology of conflict, particularly those of the early 20th century. This is a passion that he developed from spending more of his childhood around unexploded Great War ordinance than is generally considered healthy. Alex and his family continue to spend large parts of holidays tramping across battlefields such as Verdun, Normandy and even Gettysburg.