2018 Programme - People and Places

Times: 10:00 am until 1:15 pm (except where otherwise indicated)




Saturday 20th January Temples in the sands - the archaeology of Roman North Africa From Africa Proconsularis to Vollubis - a look at the key sites of Roman North Africa
Saturday 17th February When Ukraine ruled the world: an introduction to the Scythians Nomadic empires and Eurasian nomadic cultures
Saturday 10th March The Kon-Tiki expedition and the real life Moana - a look at the archaeology and anthropology of the pacific islands The ultimate experimental archaeology project? Thor Heyerdahl and the Kon-Tiki and Ra II expeditions
Saturday 21st April Under the sea: when archaeologists venture beneath the waves Shipwrecks, submarines and salvage: an introduction to maritime archaeology
Saturday 19th May Trip to the Portsmouth Historic Naval DockyardThis promises to be an exciting day. Please contact Phil Stevens to book your place. As always friends and family are very welcome.
Saturday 16th June Herod's Kingdom - an introduction to the archaeology of Israel Masada and the Jewish-Roman wars - topics in Israeli archaeology and ancient history
Saturday 21st July - Sunday 22nd July Archaeological training weekend - details to be announced
Saturday 29th September Totem Poles, Dream Catchers and Potlach - the North West Native Americans North American & Canadian archaeology & anthropology I: the North West
Saturday 20th October The Cliff Dwellers - a look at the South West Native Americans North American & Canadian archaeology & anthropology II: the South West
Saturday 17th November Weird archaeological discoveries, famous fakes and curses
Saturday 15th December*Christmas Party Christmas Party
Fancy dress encouragedFancy dress competition and prizes