2016 Programme
Times: 10:00 am until 1:15 pm (except where otherwise indicated)




Saturday 16th January What went on below Hadrian's Wall: rebellions, invasions and the creation of Anglo-Saxon society The creation of the English nation: the Anglo-Saxon period
Saturday 20th February Raiders and Traders: an introduction to the Vikings The Vikings: old legends and new perspectives
Saturday 19th March Gods and Giants: the Vikings and their mythology From Aasgard to Yggdrasil: Viking mythology uncovered
Saturday 16th April A journey to the land of the Tsars: an introduction the archaeology of Russia Opulence, treachery and intrigue: a look at Russian archaeology.
Saturday 28th May Practical archaelogy project: mosaics Pottery reconstruction and technical drawing
Saturday 18th June Elephants, jungles and temples: Indian archaeology explored Indian archaeology: a unique world heritage
Saturday 30th July - Monday 1st August The YACCSEB excavation and experimental archaeology project.
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Saturday 17th September Coach trip to the Avebury RingsFor more details please click on the link to access the .pdf information sheet about the trip.
This promises to be an exciting day. Please contact Phil Stevens to book your place. As always friends and family are very welcome.
Saturday 15th October Spices, daggers and castles: the archaeology of the Silk Route The bridges between the worlds: the archaeology and history of the Asian trade routes
Saturday 19th November Dragons, jade and palaces - the archaeology of china The oriental dragon - a look at Chinese history and archaeology.
Saturday 10th December*Christmas Party Christmas Party
This year's theme is:
"The Orient"Fancy dress competition and prizes