2024 Programme

Times: 10:00 am until 1:15 pm (except where otherwise indicated)




Saturday 20th January Lost cities, ancient wonders and marvellous technologies: an introduction to the latter period of Ancient Mesopotamia The second half of Mesopotamian history: from Babylon and Assyria to the Muslim conquest
Saturday 17th February Shoguns, Shinto and Samurai: a guide to Japanese archaeology The Land of the Rising Sun from the Ainu to Yamato - a guide to the Kingdom of Japan
Saturday 23rd March Genghis' kingdom - an introduction to the Mongol Empire The Khans of the plains - the archaeology and legacy of the Mongol kingdoms
Saturday 20th April Shodo and shuji: a practical guide to traditional Japanese calligraphy The Four Treasures of the Study: Japanese culture and history through the eyes of calligraphy
Saturday 18th May The Early Pharaohs and the Pyramids of Egypt The Life and Times of King Ramses II
Saturday 22nd June The great scarab beetle in the sky - an introduction to Egyptian myth and legends From A'ah to Zenenet - the A to Z of Egyptian gods and mythology
Saturday 17th August Special guest speaker
Saturday 28th September Grave robbers and conquerors: the decline of ancient Egypt It all ended with Nectanebo II: how thirty dynasties of Egyptian rulers came to an end.
Saturday 19th October Trip to the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology and the British LibraryDetails and application form to follow
Saturday 16th November The terracotta army and beyond- a look at Chinese history and archaeology The archaeology of China: dragons, jade and palaces
Saturday 14th December Wepet Renpet Party
Come and celebrate the Ancient Eygptian festival of the New Year!