2019 Programme - Cultural and anthropological origins

Times: 10:00 am until 1:15 pm (except where otherwise indicated)




Saturday 19th January Meet the Ancestors: Early hominids and human evolution
Learn the techniques of facial reconstruction
Saturday 16th February From Maiden Castle to the Carp's tongue sword - Iron Age Britain Ptolemy's Albion - an introduction to Britain in the Iron Age
Saturday 16th March Tombs, henges and great big hunks of rock - an introduction to the neolithic monuments of Europe The A to Z of European Neolithic monuments: from the Almendres Cromlech to Zafra III
Saturday 20th April What went on below Hadrian's Wall: rebellions, invasions and the creation of Anglo-Saxon society The creation of the English nation: the Anglo-Saxon period
Saturday 25th May Trip - TBA
Saturday 15th June When the Caliphs ruled in Europe - an introduction to Moorish Spain and its heritage Almoravids, Almohads, and Marinids - the archaeology of the Spanish Al Andalus
July Archaeological training weekend - details to be announced
Saturday 28th September The Awful Aztecs: blood and feathers Axayacatl, Motecuzoma and the Zapotecs - the emergence of the Aztec empire
Saturday 19th October The Inca and Mayan civilisation and the end of time Cycles of time - the Inca and Mayan cultures
Saturday 16th November Castles, forts and batteries - the amazing military archaeology of Portugal From Roman Lusitania to the campaigns of Wellington - a look at the archaeology and military history of Portugal.
Saturday 14th December*Christmas Party Christmas Party
Fancy dress encouragedFancy dress competition and prizes