central south london branch

YAC CSEB Mascot Welcome to the Young Archaeologists Club Central Southern England Branch (YAC CSEB) - the club for 9-16+ year olds who have a passion for ancient artefacts, past civilisations, forgotten worlds and, oh yes, digging in the dirt.

We usually meet on the third Saturday of every month at the Archaeology Centre in Bagshot, normally between 10.15am and 1:15pm with the occasional full day session or trip. For more precise details of upcoming events please see our programme. We have two groups: a younger group for 9-12 year olds which focuses on fun-filled (and often practical) introductions to topics from archaeology, ancient history and anthropology and a flourishing older group for ages 13-16+ which takes a more detailed look at essential topics from archaeology and ancient history on both local and global scales.

After an exciting programme for 2018, which covered everything from Roman North Africa to the Native Americans of the Pacific North West, taking in the Kon-Tiki expedition and some marine archaeology on route, this year we will be looking at a number of exciting topics in world archaeology. Starting with a look at human evolution and the technique of facial reconstruction, we will also cover European Neolithic monuments, Britain in the Iron Age, Anglo Saxon society and the military history and archaeology of Portugal (Roman Lusitania). Further afield, we will meet the blood-thirsty Aztecs and the calendar obsessed Mayans, pausing to take in the Incas and the amazing history of the Al Andalus. With an exciting trip planned for May it promises to be a fun-packed year.

A particular highlight for 2019 will be the archaeological training weekend that will be run in July. More details on this will follow soon.

For more information, including information on how to join, please contact one of the leaders.